Representative Mary Wolfe – Iowa House District 98

Hi there, and welcome to my blog (which I created in lieu of a website, as for some reason I have been absolutely unable to pull off a website). I am a member of Iowa’s 88th General Assembly, elected to represent House District 26 in November 2010 — but thanks to redistricting, I am running for re-election in new House District 98.   The best way to reach me is at my legislative email, which is:  I live in Clinton, Iowa, (the eastern most point in Iowa) with my 17 year old son,  and when I’m not at the State Capital in Des Moines I practice law with my father, Jack Wolfe, in a 1888 house with a big front porch.

I’m the oldest of 8 children — 6 girls/2 boys — and we moved to Clinton when I was in grade school. I attended North Catholic Elementary School, and went to Mt. St. Clare Academy for the first three years of high school — my senior year Mt. St. Clare merged with St. Mary’s, and thus I was a member of the first graduating class of Mater Dei High School.

I spent a year at Georgetown, a few years at Loyola, and a few more years traveling before  landing back in Iowa, where I settled down and graduated from college, and then from the U of IA’s law school in 1992 — I’ve been in Clinton working with my dad ever since, more or less (had a second office in Iowa City from 2005-2008, but turned out there were already plenty of lawyers out there, and the commute was killing me). I love being a lawyer, and being self-employed, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to work on a day to day basis with both of my parents (my mom’s our office manager) for the past twenty years.

I never considered running for public office until former Rep. Polly Bukta decided to retire after representing our district for fourteen years, and asked me if I’d be interested. I warned her that I don’t have much patience, that I pretty much always say what I think, and that I’m somewhat socially backward — but Polly encouraged me to run anyhow, and I’m so glad she did. My first session was one of the most exciting times of my life, trying to figure out who was who and how things worked; this session I’m concentrating on trying to do a better job of keeping in touch and up to date w/my constituents … thus the blog.

I’m a member of the Democratic minority in the IA House (40-60…good times); I’m the ranking member on our House Judiciary committee and also serve on Human Resources, Transportation, Public Safety, and the Justice Systems Budget Subcommittee. I am a big believer in social justice and smarter sentencing and President Obama (no, he’s not perfect, but hello, the ACA, pretty darn impressive). I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the people of my district, and I look appreciate any feedback/comments/ suggestions that you care to share on the bills and issues I discuss in my posts.

8 Responses to Representative Mary Wolfe – Iowa House District 98

  1. Lori Larsen says:

    Mary, I want to see Iowa stop the College Tuition requirement for adult children of divorced parents. I am in the same boat,low income and elderly.. It is discriminatory. What can I do to join a group against this?

    • Lori says:

      Ok, so if the courts want divorced parents to pay for college education, I want my child to pay for Long Term Care Insurance for me according to Iowa Code 252.1, 252.2,252.5,252.6,and 252.13, after she is out of college. I have rights too.

  2. Wayne Fesler says:

    Mary met you at Clinton Democrats today and discussed.

    Look under union dues. This was not picked up by other news as they are all focused on health care. A real bomb shell for unions. Half of union workers declined to pay dues after this occurred in Wisconsin. Union busters know that these dues are used against them.

  3. Wayne Fesler says:
    Look under union dues. A real sleeper. No assessments(lobbying) without members permission. Show to union supporters and see what they think.
    Talked with you at Clinton Demo today. From DeKalb, IL


  4. Gary Herrity says:

    Great column in the Monday, Nov. 11 Clinton Herald. You covered the Affordable Care Act very well, and your meeting on the ACA at the Clinton, Iowa at Clinton Community College, Nov. 12 at six o’clock will be outstanding and provide a lot of information to people who are craving it. Thanks for being a fine leader for the Clinton Area.
    Gary Herrity

  5. Charles says:

    Why is it that some other states like IL. can pass a law on cell phone usage while driving but IA can not. I drive the highways to the Univ. Hospital to see special doctors. I am sorry to say that I am getting tired of being almost run off the road because someone is to busy talking to someone on the phone and all you people can talk about is texting. The is just part of the problem dailing is just as bad as texting. I wish you could see this. I agree with IL. and the other states that say you should use hand-free head sets and as far as dailing people should use the speech comand that is programed in most if not all cell phones.

  6. Michael Ware says:

    Rep Wolfe,

    I wanted to take a moment and drop you a thank you for your support of the suppressor legislation. People tend to get caught up in party line agendas far too often, and I was glad to learn from IFC and NRA that you asked questions, thought through the aspects and implications of the bill, and made a decision to support it based on merit. Those kinds of reflections are becoming darned rare these days…

    Any time you need to use a range, or would like some information on a firearm issue, you’re welcome to seek me out. I’d be glad to lend a hand or perspective.


    Michael Ware – Controlled Chaos Arms

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